Career Opportunity Available: Program Administrator

To apply for this position, please visit the listing at wellfound.

Pacific Broadband and Digital Equity (PBDE) is a nonprofit organization seeking a Project Administrator to start as soon as possible. This flexible, full-time, primarily remote role involves working with amazing teams from schools, libraries, hospitals, youth centers, government agencies, and more from America’s Pacific islands of American Samoa, Guam, and the CNMI and beyond. The permanent role is partially grant-funded for up to three years. 

Pacific Broadband and Digital Equity is a new organization based in Hawaii and led by Founder Peter Dresslar. It was founded in part to deliver implementation services for a $3 million dollar grant we helped win for American Samoa Community College. We actively serve the governments of American Samoa and Guam as well.

By working with so many organizations on a growing list of Partner opportunities, the person in this role will have a unique opportunity to develop and expand their skills and achieve tangible outcomes. At the same time, as a non-profit, our team can take great satisfaction in fulfilling our mission to improve the daily lives of the residents of the territories. Our Partners love us because they know that we have their backs and will do what it takes to make them successful. 

Position requirements

  • 3+ Years of generalized project management and/or project coordination experience
    • Demonstrated organizational skills, with the ability to multi-task and switch between projects, are an absolute must for this role.
  • Demonstrated experience with coordination, assembly, and submission of documents like grant applications, project proposals, or technical documentation is required.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the Pacific regions of Micronesia or Polynesia is required. Ideal candidates will have fluency in an indigenous peoples language such as Samoan, Chamorro, or Carolinian.
  • Associates Degree or a more advanced degree required.
  • Experience with project management tools such as Asana and online office tools (Google Suite) is strongly preferred.
  • Experience working in federal or state government would be a huge plus.
  • Based on Oahu strongly preferred (so that we can meet in person on about a weekly basis.)

Job duties including:

  • Specific Project Administration consulting for organizational Partners, including:
    • Serves as a member of a project or program team, fulfilling the meeting and reporting duties that this service requires
    • Planning, scheduling, and coordinating day-to-day operations of Partner programming
    • Publication of project administration planning and reporting work products, such as Project Plans, Project Schedules, Project Calendars, Project Milestone Reports, and similar, for various project stakeholder groups
    • Project setup within and operation of online project management tools
    • Execution of day-to-day tasks such as scheduling meetings, ensuring communications, status checks and updates
    • Pays special attention to typical project pain points such as staffing, procurement activities, and written approval collections. Actively assists to resolve these and other project chokepoints.
    • Assists the Founder and any other Consultants with their consulting activities as needed. 
  • General nonprofit service operations, including
    • Researches, maintains, and publishes a Funding Calendar for all stakeholder institutions in the Pacific
    • Assists PBDE and stakeholders in preparing grants, including assistance with preparing for and navigating the federal / system
    • Proactively searches for funding opportunities that would benefit stakeholder institutions 
    • Assembles and publishes to a shared folder collections of documents and other information from federal agencies (and other national partners) that are specifically relevant to PBDE stakeholders
    • Coordinates communications with federal agencies.
    • Assists the Founder with similar operational duties


  • 40 hour Full-time position with Medical, Dental, and 401k benefits
  • Primarily remote work position. Workers on Oahu will be asked to meet up to one day a week at times that avoid traffic. Meeting locations will be selected to convenience the team whenever possible,
  • Flexible schedule available, ideal for workers wishing to balance home and work schedule.
  • Supportive work environment encouraging career growth and development